How do you make a reader feel connected to a character?


^^ As it says above


Make it sometimes really relatable


What is the best way to do that


Hm…maybe have some of the readers traits to the characters.


I am confusion


Give the characters flaws, strange traits, average traits, don’t make them much different from you or anyone else you know (unless of course this is a main idea in your story), don’t make them to forgiving. Have them get mad at small things, and make mistakes. Don’t have everything just handed to your character, and make them work for things.


And then when something bad happens they will feel sad


traits meaning their personality. Readers have traits like their, impatient, their good, their confident. Those are traits, meaning there describing themselves as well as the character.


Yeah. If something bad happens don’t just have them forgive immediately.


The bad thing is that she dies leaving the reader sad


Oh! Well, yeah. If the character is relatable but also likeable the characters death will leave readers really sad.


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Make the character(s) have flaws! This is so important. It will make him or her feel relatable to the reader and why that’s such an important thing is because that way you’re giving the reader the opportunity to actually ‘fall in love’ with the character (not literally) - in the sense that they will feel real and thus creating space for the reader to feel every emotion they go through; sadness, anger, envy, hurt, and happiness etc. A perfect character who does nothing wrong feels fake, like a puppet. Your reader needs to connect to your characters in an emotional way and we all know no one is perfect.

Ways to do this is by reflecting on your characters’ strengths and then think of any weaknesses that relate to that. For example, a guy who seems unbreakable and doesn’t give a shit about what other people think/say of him might be one of his strengths depending on how it’s viewed, but because of this he might find himself having trouble expressing himself, bringing comfort to people, socializing, trust issues and the list could go on. The same way a girl could be super confident, popular and rich but might find herself having trouble getting people to like her for her personality rather than just her money and appearance, or she tends to be uptight and too much of a perfectionist. There’s many type of traits you can give your characters to shape them into who they are and what sets them apart. What’s important is that they don’t just ‘have weaknesses’ but that those weaknesses actually affect them in the story too (ooh, drama). Your character needs to make mistakes and later on reflect on those and learn from them, redeeming themselves which is a huge part of character growth. Of course, make sure that when a character does something bad they ALWAYS have a motive. No one does bad things just because. Even if it’s just to feel the corruption in their bones and they’re reckless, it’s still a ‘reason’, a motive, a personality trait.

Hope this helped a little!


thank you