How do you make a scene where the characters are present before it begins

How do you start a scene with the characters already present ? :thinking:

When spotting the characters, put them right under the background and instead of the @ sign, use &
Hope this helps! :relaxed:

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thank you soo much

sorry to bother you :slight_smile: but could you please help me with the spot directing i’m a complete duffer

Haha it’s alright ofc I can help! And it’s no problem!

So what I would suggest is just to write &CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces direction
To start because then it gets the characters on screen.
Use your previewer to move them to the correct space!

how do you add tattoos to a character help plz

go to the outfit section in the writers portal
then search for ‘tatoos’

thank you :two_hearts:

theres no way to add it inside the story?

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i’m afraid there isn’t but if there is I don’t know how

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can i see your script?

Wait… I am actually having the same problem, What do you mean “put them right under the background” and what do you mean “put them right under the background and instead of the @ sign, use &”?

Here I’ll give you a formatting example!

&CHARACTERNAME stand screen center AND CHARACTERNAME faces right/left
&CHARACTERNAME2 stand screen center AND CHARACTERNAME2 faces right/left

This example of for 2 characters but you can always add more.
What I’ve done is right after the background change, I’ve placed the characters using the & sign, which makes them already be there right after the background change!

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to ask me! :hugs:

OMG!! Thank you soooo much!

after awhile of being frustrated i just added it to new outfits

No problem! I’m always happy to help with anything :grin:

That’s the only way to do it lol

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