How Do you make a vampire's eye color change?

So I’m new to this coding, and I was just wondering if you go to the create a character and change the already existing characters eyecolor? TYSM


@CHARACTER previews eyesColor NAME
@CHARACTER unpreviews eyesColor NAME

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@Character changes eye colour into INSERT COLOUR
I think this how you do it!!:woman_shrugging:t5:I know Episode Notes on YouTube has a tutorial on changing features.

TYSM it’s very helpful


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hi, i’m currently trying this technique but it doesn’t work, it says that it’s not a valid command, do you have any idea why ?


If you read over my thread, you will come across the eye color example:

  1. My character JEM has the eye color Brown Black
  2. I use the previews feature to change her eye color.

@JEM previews eyesColor Violet

She will now have that eye color (Violet) throughout the episode.

  1. I can change her eye color to what it originally was by using the unpreviews feature.

@JEM unpreviews eyesColor Violet

She will now be back in her original eye color, which was Brown Black.

Basically NAME needs to be replaced with a feature that exists and CHARACTER becomes your character’s name. To see a list of eye colors or any other feature name, go to characters.

Link to my thread: HOW TO: Use the previews and unpreviews directing command 💜 🌙