How do you make an outline from an outline contest clear to color in?

The title says it all but yeah how do you do that? I tried doing an outline contest once and when I color in the outlines were blurry and it wasn’t clear.
@Sydney_H please let me if im at the right place.

What app do you use?

Iibis paint x

Try turning on the stabilizer at the top right corner and max it all the way to 10 and 100 on both and use dip pen hard size 3.5-4.3 to have a thick and steady outline.

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I meant like in contest there’s an outline made for you to color in. Whenever I add that outline to ibis paint x it’s always blurry and it doesn’t make the outline look good.

Have you got it on the right size canvas?

I put it on 1909 and 4096
Is that right?

No idea without seeing the outline

Maybe reoutline it because that’s what I usually do or u can duplicate the outline twice and merge the two layers into each other

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Thanks you very much. I guess I’ll do it.:blush:

Do you have the picture?

Thanks @Cheyara_Skadi for the help too.

Ofc no problemo btw when I enter outlines I always use the size 768 by 1024

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I should try that thanks❤

Np :relieved:

I think u already got it figured but a little advice… U should keep the outline on layer 1 so that it stays on top of all the other layers and colours… just a tip for when colouring. :blush::grin:

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Here’s the picture


It’s fine, you’ve already figured something out :slight_smile: