How do you make character under water?

I’m still curiousa about this

i believe you use whatever background you want, like the ocean. then you use an overlay to create the water effect, the water overlay needs to be transparent though so its see through. then to have the character look like he/she is in the water you layer them.

do you have any example?
I’m terrible at it T.T

i’ll make one for you, give me a sec!! :))

Thank you :< so much

okay so here’s what it looks like.

EXT. OCEAN - DAY with OCEAN at layer 5
@overlay OCEAN opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OCEAN shifts to __
@overlay OCEAN scales to __
@CHARACTER moves to layer -5
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right

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awwwww, thank you

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can someone close this thread ^^ thank you <3

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^^ similar to Genie! Thanks @epi.kels :smiley:

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