How do you make characters not blurry when making edits?

So, to all the people that do edits: howww??

So I tried to make this:


And as you can see, the characters are really blurry, even though I haven’t even sized them up yet


I screenshot my characters from the app and choose a bigger canvas. (:


I tried doing that, but the characters are still blurry.

Big Canvas

Small Canvas

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I’m using Gimp btw!

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When taking a screen shot make the characters as big as possible (but it has to fit the body.)

If you using a computer, zoom in into the preview (zoom enough that it shows the whole preview.)

Then use the snipping tool and cut out the preview, then open a canvas/new file and make it 2048 x 2048. Or however big you want it to be. Then put the photo on there.

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And if your confuse I can totally show you how I do it.

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Yeah, I did that

I tried using both a computer and my phone

That’s what I’ve been doing, but they still look blurry :frowning:

Probably use a different program then gimp

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Hope you found out how

Hey, you should try Ibis Paint x

That is what a lot of people use, and it helps with edits like this.



These are all really just edits, do not focus on the outfits. I am currently editing hair.


It’s unlikely to be a problem with the software you use (I use GIMP too, I know people who use ibispaint with the same problem). My method is to crop several zoomed in screenshots together to make up the full body. Mabe try to split the top and bottom half? It’s not ideal and takes more time, but it works.

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Haha I’m always late :eyes:🤦

Well, I had the same problem.
Now I take the screenshots of a character scaled as much as possible (upper body and legs separate sometimes even more pieces since I’m a sucker for custom poses :smirk:)
Installing the app on my tablet (wider screen) helped I helped with the quality.

Another thing that I consider super helpful is to sharpen the character using Pixlr (just make sure not to overuse the function!)

My recent edit is in my Peacock Art Shop in my profile for @/Seep_Mukta if you are interested in how mine look :blush:

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I didn’t see this notification, I’m sorry! D: Like what others said, scale your character and take separate screenshots of the upper and lower body, it’s a longer process but it helps!

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@Lin.Steeles @AmeliClemonte @Jenaco

Thank you! :two_hearts: I’ll try that


GIMP also has a sharpen feature called unsharp mask, under filter -> enhance -> sharpen (unsharp mask) (but will oversaturate colours if used too much)