How do you make cover art on a computer?



Hey, I would really like to be able to create cover art on my computer but I don’t know how? If someone can help me here that would be great :blush: Thanks :heart:


go to How to make a COVER on!


it’s really easy i can help you if you want.
and if you need customized backgrounds i can help you to


Ahhh you legend thank you so much :blush:


your welcome


If you need help message me




Thank you I am just going to check out the thread @Dangrousdiva mentioned but if it doesn’t work I will ask you guys :slightly_smiling_face:






Hey! I am the one who made the tutorial. Please don’t claim my work as your own, @Dangrousdiva


I didn’t claim your work as mine


I just told her where to go


Well you didn’t credit me as I was the one to make the tutorial/


ohh sorry


It’s fine…


OOH come on you cant just jugde somebody you can just ask them
instead of whatever that was


Okay, I am done with this conversation… bye !!!


Byeeeee :wave:


it isn’t like i was judging you, you seme like a nice person i just think it sounded a bit though