How do you make cover art


How do you make cover art?

What to download to make cover art with characters

Usually you can use any sort of editing software, such as Photoshop, Paint.NET (that’s the program name, the actual website is something completely different), etc. You can make the characters you wish do a pose in your story on a certain background, (A plain green one if you want to place them particularly) and edit out the background. Then, you can add as many people as you wish and add backgrounds and effects. Or, you could have someone make them for you. Many people are willing to make you covers and splashes.


Pixlr heres what I made using them



I use paint 3D, normal paint, photoshop express and word…
Oh and a bunch of online programmes…


Thank you so much for your help


Thank you so much for your help :+1:


Thank you so much for your help


Feel free to ask more questions!
And if you are interested, I am gonna start a youtube channel with video instructions!


I usually use Krita, but you have to download it and it’s mainly for digital art, or canva and LunaPic for normal covers, backgrounds and splashes.


Here is a link to a thread that helped me!


Basically, what can i get on my laptop that is free so I can do cover art and that so I can draw characters bc using my phone is more challenging lol, any help would be much appreciated lmao x


I use Krita, it’s really good for digital art and it’s free x


Okay thanks loads x


Use can use photoshop, pixlr and photopea as well…
They are pretty good…
Pixlr is an online website so guess what you don’t have to download it but there is an app as well I guess…:thinking::thinking:


Ill see what i like best, thanks aswell btw x


If you have windows 10 (I guess you only have it with 10) I would advice paint 3d, it is already on your computer, has a lot of functions once you have found out how it works and has an awesome zoom function, better than general!


I don’t have windows 10 I wish I had…


image Thanks so much I was able to make it on my phone