How do you make duplicate characters?

Hi guys, is there anyone who knows if there is an easier way to create a duplicate character rather than adding a new line to every detail in a customisation template? This is just for a possible story I may or may not release in the future but there are a couple of characters who I am going to let the reader customise, however, I also plan on there being flashbacks where said characters should look a lot younger and I want a way to do the flashbacks and change the characters easily, hope that was easy to understand :slight_smile: xx

I’m pretty sure there is no other way. So you have to go with the customization script altering.

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Okay thanks, I think I might just limit customisation for them instead, you know for instance I could say that the hairstyle and the eye colour is not customisable, make it easier on myself :smiley:

Actually, there is a thing. All you need to do is make one ‘default’ duplicate character and then code something like this:

@ (Duplicate) becomes (Your MC)

You can look in here and click on one of the links there:


Wow, never knew. Thnx

Okay, so do I put that before or after the last bracket of the customisation template? Sorry, I’m just a bit confused by it that’s all.

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Usually the last bracket, after all the other customisation stuff

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You can use:
And then change the hairstyle and outfit to suit the age.

Or when the reader customises their character, make it customise the younger version as well.
“Neutral 01” {
@YOU changes bodyColor into Neutral 01
@YOUYOUNGER changes bodyColor into Neutral 01

Thank you :slight_smile: xx

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