How do you make glass break?

In my story, my character shoots a window making it break. Can somebody explain or give me an overlay on how to do it? Or you can give me the script to how to use the broken glass overlay?


you just have to have an overlay of a window and another of a broken window :smile:


Okay… I’ll try haha thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:

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So what I’ve had success with in the past is using quick opacity/size changes to make glass look like it’s been broken.

So if we start with the INT. BEDROOM - DAY background, we’ll need:

  • a normal window overlay if we want people/overlays to be able to go behind it
  • some kind of cracked glass/glass shard overlay, depending on how you want the window to break (shatter, explode, or just crack)

I used this overlay for a glass exploding scene

  • You could also make a broken glass overlay, with fragments still hanging on to make it look realistic, again it really depends on how you want it to look

With these overlays I would then

  1. Have the overlay/person breaking the window behind the first overlay
  2. When the window is supposed to break, quickly bring the broken glass overlay to opacity 1 and make it bigger/shift quickly
  3. Clear the glass shards after 0.5 beats, put the normal window opacity at 0, and put the broken window opacity at 1
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if you give me the background you want to use I could probably make the overlays for you :wink:

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Thank you guys, it means a lot. I will try all your suggestions! :kissing_heart: