How do you make layers? (for people in a scene without 2 being behind

Ok so how do you make layers? I have 4 people I need in one scene…

the code is:
@CHARACTER moves to layer __

here’s a link that should help!

I still don’t quite get it :I

the character you want in front of all the other characters is in layer 4, the character behind that one is layer 3, and you kind of get the pattern…

layer 4 is the most front

layer 1 is the farthest back

this thread should help

HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

especially this picture

i can tell you which layer they go in if you seed me a ss. if you want to just pm me & i’ll try to explain it.

you guys helped me, thanks still a bit of a struggle but I do see the pattern and I’m able to do it! thanks!

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