How do you make one of the character taller

I just wanted to know how do you make a character taller because am using spot to make my character guy taller but its not working and he looks shorter when he is beside the two girl characters. :pensive: :thinking:

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When spot directing, click on the ‘Switch Tool: Scale’ button then scale your character and copy the code in the bottom.

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Am trying but his height is not changing :persevere:

Did you save your script after changing the height?

Yeah i did and i pressed play to see if his height changes when he enters the room.

can you post a picture of your script?

Can you show your script?

You need to change the height with he enter,love

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am going to change it and try and do that

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i’m assuming the boys name is charlie, in order to have him be the size you want you have to have him enter as that size, for example your script should look like

@CHARLIE spot xxx xx THEN CHARLIE walks to spot xxx xx in 3

so instead of having him enter from right to screen right you need to change it to spot him offscreen and then spot him in the place that you want him to be on the screen. (offscreen is when the character is not shown in the scene)

let me know if you have any further questions or want me to explain more

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Thanks so much it worked!!:heartpulse: :laughing:

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no problem (:

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