How do you make readers fall in love with your characters?

How can an author make you ( A reader) fall in love with their characters? What makes you adore or admire the characters of a story? Is it their grow or change of during the story? Let me know I’m curious :grin:

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I think it’s making them interesting & unique! Nobody like a character with a boring backstory and feels like a carbon copy. Making a good character is all about them having hopes, fears, wants, and flaws. For example people love Iron Man because he’s cocky and smart, but he also is vunerable because of all the hardships he went through! If you put your heart into the character the will audience feel it.
And if all else fails make them funny :wink:


I think I get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and making them funny never goes wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: thank you for your answer :two_hearts:

Having the character having flaws and having conflict. If everything goes right for them you don’t root for them. Have them mess up so bad that you get second hand embarrassment! Let us get to know them slowly and don’t ever tell the readers about them like, “Mary is really smart” show us that.
I also don’t tend to like main characters who have perfect friends/a support group just cuz I see it a lot and that wasn’t my experience. I’d like to see an MC either not having any friends and figuring friendship out or going down a rocky path with her own friends.
I like having/seeing the MC’s thoughts and narration on things I detail. I like it when they describe things in poetic but also subtle ways. I also like it when they explore the world around them and it just helps them to feel more real.

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Also one thing to note is that characters are kinda like people - meaning nobody’s really obligated to like them. There are some traits that are widely liked by people; Charisma, softness, and defending others are some of the more obvious ones.

Personally speaking, I find I can get attached to socially awkward characters - especially if they come across as cool or collected. I also tend to like comic relief characters provided that they’re useful in the plot outside of that specific role.

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One of the characters in my story ‘Belonging Together’ I made was originally going to be just one of the many background characters, probably with no lines in my story whatsoever. But I really like how the character looked and I the characters aesthetic that I eventually made that character into a secondary character. When you read my story and the next chapter I’m currently working on, I think you will be able to tell which character that is.:sweat_smile:

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I didn’t mean I want everyone to like all the characters but sometimes you see people having characters and people just really love them and I wanted to know how :grin:

Something that’s always helped me really communicate my characters well, is to love them myself, one, because there is not going to be a special formula of traits that everyone will like, so you liking your characters will shine through with interacts they have and conversations with other characters. Even how you introduce them in your story!
Two, include some traits of yourself in them, because most people will love your characters if they are relatable and authentic, and that authenticity must come from you, the author, first. Sadly some things you just can’t imagine…. :joy: Hope this helps! :woman_shrugging: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh I do love my characters :blush: so I hope that people can see that! Thank you for reminding me I almost forgot that the first step is to love them yourself for others to love them :crazy_face:

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Right? :crazy_face:

A plot I came up with was sparked by the idea of what if my past self had a chance to interact with my present self. I feel like most writers insert themselves into the characters to a point so take your time developing and getting to know them because I think readers fall in love with characters they can somewhat relate to. And like someone else said before all else make sure you love them because readers can kinda tell who’s your favorite and who’s the “just there” character if you’re not careful.

I hope I’m making sense :sweat_smile:


Yes yes you are :joy: don’t worry I understand and it’s true :eyes: I should give some other characters a bit more attention :crazy_face: