How do you make reality tv stories

I finally figured out what story I want so I’m not asking for plot help, I’m asking for tips on the elimination, I have no idea what to do for this topic and I don’t want to make all eliminations ‘áuthor’s choice’ cause it may seem biased and I want the reader to have control over most of the story

ohhh like when the characters a playing a game and only 1 is the winner and the other is eliminated?

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hmmmm…this is gonna be tough. Hm what do u like to eliminate your characters with? Like when their out of the game, they could fall in a mud or in a lake or food throw at them or hmmmm

out of the game

ik, but when they r out of the game, what do u want to eliminate them with?

for example:

they walk out the door XD

It’s not Total Drama

ik it isnt totall drama, im trying to get ideas.

ok sry

They fall in the ocean

in some reality tv shows, when someone is eliminated they put something on or just simple, walk out the door, yeah. but if u want yr characters to walk out of the door when they are eliminated then do it, lol.

wait but what about the code to eliminate them and remember it later on and still remember other ones

It will require a hell load of points and gains and I don’t want to undergo that process… the things we do for episode

If you want something like the MC’s choices can affect whether or not his/her friends or even themselves be eliminated, you could use the point system. If you have trouble with this, there are tons upon tons of people here in the forums who could help!

I need help to know and understand exactly what I should do

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Well, if you want to use the points system, you can search up some threads for some help.

Like this one: The Points System

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I get the point system but how do I calibrate it into the story

NVM I’m scrapping the idea, some other day maybe

yh thts a lot of branching coding to deal with. :thinking:

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