How do you make the name choice of the reader to appear above their speechbubble?

Starting my first Episode Story. I just need a little help!

I’ll direct you on to
Dara explains “type-in-choices”


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You need to go back to characters, and the character you want your readers to decorate, you change their ‘Display Name’ to ‘NAME’. When you do this, you can go back to your script and use that character’s ‘Script Name’ to do whatever.
Example: @HAZEL enters from left to screen center.
And if you want your character to speak, but to be the name your reader chose, just use;
HAZEL (talk_shrugs)
Their name will change in the preview to whatever name you chose.
Hope I made sense aha!

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@BeatriceNaomi you don’t really need to change the name to NAME, it goes by the one you used when creating it, for the name change to work. The secret lays in the parenthisis ( ) and the word/name inside them.
It can be anything you want it to be, but as soon as you put that same name/word inside the brackets ex [HAZEL] the name will change to what your reader has chosen to name the character. Miss having the brackets however and the SE will just read the name/word to be HAZEL.
So you can chose to change the name in the middle of the story if you want to…

Also, take note that the type-in-choice doesn’t seem to work in the web previewer, you need to try it in the app.


m still confused as in where to put ()

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (NAME) <----- here you should add your characters display/script name

Take the name you’ve named the character when creating it - ex MC - and put brackets around it [MC] - not to be confused ny the simple ( ) you used at the choice - whenever you want the readers chosen name to show in its stead, You needn’t do it when the character performs just actions, only when you want the name to show on screen, so when someone’s refering to the character with his/her name.

What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (MC) <— this is the reference to the character name code

From here on the character will be named what the reader has chosen, aka the name has been changed. You’ll still use the name you created the character to when writing the code though. So to you - in this case - the character is still MC when being directed. @MC is … MC (talk_idle) @MC walks to etc

MC (talk_greet)
Hi my name is [MC] <— this is the way you code for that reference to be used in your story

Hope this crlarify how the code is written/used when you create your story.


How can one let others customize their character

I did gave you a link to Dara’s thread in other thread.