How do you make the same character do two different animations on the same line?


For episode interactive on the same line I know you can do it I just don’t know how. If you know the answer or know somebody who might please let me know.


U have to put:

&CHARACTER start run_athletic THEN CHARACTER starts cry




Your welcome :blush:


would you happen to know how some people start with the end of an animation?


Give me an example of it


like the face at the end of shush people use a lot for comedy and i know most people zoom on a different spot and let the animation play through but others keep it zoom reset and the face just pops up.


For that u have to put it while the camera is not looking at the character at first then move it to her or his face after like 3 seconds and it will make that face


I thought there was a way to make it like in 2 or something lol thanks


No lol and your welcome :blush:


There are two ways to do this as you said. Here they are :wink::


thank you so much