How do you make them stay sitting while talking

Hi I am trying to make them talk while they are sitting but the keep standing up while they talk how do i make it so they don’t and talk while sitting? /:

You either use sitting animations.

Or you spot them lower, so that you can use standing animations, and it looks like they’re sitting.

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use any of these animations for talking whilst sitting:

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I used the sitting animation and it isn’t working.

Can you show us the script and previewer?

Also, you may have to re-spot them when changing between standing and sitting.

I can show you the script idk how to send the previewer. let me get it for you.

Do you know how to take a screenshot?

You should have a key called “Print Screen”, or “prt sc”. Click it, then paste the image here.

you need to keep using a sit animation. if you use one there dont say sit they will not sit. they will stand

    here is the script and ill take some screen shots for you as well. 

Im going to move the bubbles as well.

@BREE spot 0.559 132 298

@BREE is idle_sit_ankles_crossed

@BRIAN spot 0.631 27 315

@BRIAN is talk_sit_doubtful

    BRIAN (talk_apathetic)
    So what im about tell you will shock you.

    BRIAN (talk_apathetic)
    Just please listen.
    BREE (talk_unsure)
    Ok.. just tell me why you

These are standing animations. So you will have to change his spot to make it look like he is still sitting.

Or, only use sitting animations.

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you need to use the talk_sit animations in the brackets

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Thank you so much!! it is working now. I suck at coding. lol