How do you make your character run in a specific spot?

For example, four of my characters are running at the same time but two of the characters are shorter than the other two. How can I make them run while still keeping their height?

@JOHN spot 1.280 200 0 in zone 2 at layer 2

the S is 1.280, the X is 200 and the Y is 0

Keep the S (1.280 or whatever it is that you have for them) the same since it’s the height/size of the character.

So i put that and then I put
@CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER run_animation ?

Use spot directing. Usually it will give you a number like 0.921 136 210, the first number (0.921) is the size of the character so just make sure that doesn’t change and that will keep their height. Are they running in one zone or are they going to a different zone?

You need to keep their spots as they run, if you put exits left, they will go back to the default height.

They are running from one zone to another :slight_smile:

So how exactly would I code it?

Refer to the guide that Jem posted above.

Spot the characters before and after, so your after (where they’d exit) would be somewhere off screen, and you’d make them walk to that spot when they “exit” but code it as spots.

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ok so if your characters height is for example 0.921 and they are in zone 1 and you want them to run to zone 2, you would say &CHARACTER walks to spot 0.921 120 257 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop, but you need to find out what spot you want them to go and their height that’s just an example :smile:

The italicized stuff above are just stuff I added in ^^

P.S just so you know adding the zone and T (time in seconds is optional). Adding a walking animation is optional, too.

So if you have:
@JOHN spot 1.280 200 0

You’d keep his height (1.280) and the Y (0) (up, down, floor level the same) so he’s only walking either left or right-you’d change the X (which is 200)

@JOHN walks to spot 1.280 400 0 in 3 AND JOHN does it while walk_neutral

John will walk from spot 1.280 200 0 to 1.280 400 0 and he will do so in 3 seconds, doing a walk_neutral animation (remember, seconds is optional and a walking animation is optional)

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Omg thank you so much :blush:

Thank you for your help :grin:

Hi I am new to writing episode stories. I spent hours researching on how to get my characters to maintain their height while running. The only close thing that I could find in getting my character to run from the left while keeping their height. How do I get my character to run from the right and still keep their height? Help would be very much appreciated! Thanks
This is my script on my character running from the left but I would like her to run from the right
@ALICE spot 0.677 -167 140 in zone 1 AND ALICE faces left
@ALICE walks to spot 0.677 167 140 in zone 1 AND ALICE is run_jog

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