How do you make your characters hug and kiss?


Right, so I’m trying to make two of my character’s kiss, but the guy isn’t really kissing his partner properly, and neither is his partner kissing him properly either.
I just need some help:(


What do you mean properly? If you mean that they arent close enough, you have to use spot directing :slight_smile:


So first option is to use ‘Script temples’ or second one - go to ‘spot directing’, place characters as you want and then change ‘layers’ and ‘face direction’.
:thinking: :blush:


@BeatriceNaomi what kind of characters are you using?


Did you do it like this?
@MC stands screen center and MC faces right and MC is hug
&LOVE stands screen right and LOVE faces left and LOVE is hug_rear
Otherwise, if you did you have to make the character thats hugging rear face the same direction on where the other character face


Limelight x


@CHAR spot 1.25 205 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND CHAR faces left
&CHAR is kiss_makeout_loop

@CHAR1 spot 1.3 117 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND CHAR1 faces left
&CHAR1 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear