How do you make your characters say same things?

Hi Guys,
I really need help with my characters actions.
I want to add drama to my scene but I cannot make my characters say the same things
Like one person could say “HOW” and another character could say "HOW at the exact same time
Or it is not possible I do not know.

Please help as soon as you can

Whats your character names

They are:

This is possible. So, let’s say, you want Mum and Dad to say “HOW” at the same time. Make a new character and name them Mum and Dad. Place them offscreen for the scene and make them say “HOW”, and use the previewer to place the speechbubble.

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One way you can do it is by having one character say it and have them both have the same action so it gives the effect that they are speaking together.


&DAD is talk_sad
MUM (talk_sad)

That is one way. Or you can do the way that @greebabubba told you.

Thanks I will try