How do you make your first chapter on your story good

How do I make people want to read more of my story?

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Well, what’s your story about?

A vampire falls in love with a human and the human girl has a magical background and I don’t want them to fall in love immediately so I don’t have any ideas what I should do to make the audience want to continue reading my story.

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Okay, to start off, when you finish your chapters, especially chapter one leave it at a cliffhanger because that will want to make people continue to read. (They would want to know what happens next) Make the cliffhanger really something good. Also, make the vampire and the girl fall in love slowly, it shouldn’t be all at once. It should be paced.

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Don’t make it too cliche because sometimes a lot of readers feel that just because it’s “cliche” and they’ll want to stop reading. So add some interesting details and give readers a reason to read your story and not someone else’s vampire story. You know?

Ok thanks

Yeah of course xx
If you need any more help, you can just PM me :grin:

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true, just hearing the word vampire makes me think CLICHE. even though it not really a cliche, it was just myself who overdid it with vampire books in my teens and now I am very tired of it and so is a lot of other people

though, a lot of people still love vampire stories.

but anyway good ways to make first chapter good. well think of what makes you wanna read a story, and what makes you leave it

example, no choices and bad directing makes me leave. and a interesting story makes me stay


Thanks for your advice :yellow_heart:

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i hope u do well in your story!

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Thank you :yellow_heart:

Here’s some writing tips to make your readers want to read the rest of your story:

-your first chapter has to hook readers in. There are many ways to do this, you could google them as there are way too many. But the most common way to hook a read in within the first chapter is to throw the readers into action (like a flash forward scene) but make it ambiguous

-another tip is a cliffhanger, these always work. Make it so that the reader would like to continue your story to find out what happens next

-make sure your overall story is good, and when I say that, I mean good grammar, directing, and plot.

Hope this helps!

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to make reader want to read more you simply need to make him fall in love with the story.
There is no generall rule for this it is simply about good writing.
If the story is good written reader wants more - you have to make him interested what will happen next and you have to make him like the characters.

So you have to write meaningfull dialogues and scenes from whixh the reader will learn the characters and see them as 3D.

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