How do you make your own overlay?

Hi I know I should search this up but I couldn’t find anything. So how do I make my own overlay? I need a fruity cocktail and a shot of vodka overlay. If anyone knows, can you please tell me?

Thank you so much!

you could either have someone make it for you or you could search ‘free domain images of cocktails’ and use the app ‘picsArt’ to cut the object out. there are also websites that carry free overlays that you can use in your story.

You can search up a cocktail png (make sure it has a white background) then change it into an overlay by downloading pixelLab on your phone when you get to the app

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I hope it works :slight_smile: btw you have to scroll to find the erase color.

thank you so much for helping me! I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much.

Hello, this is in the wrong category, it should be in Art Resources in Creator’s Corner. I recommend checking out the Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2)

Also, here is an amazing detailed thread: HOW TO: Create your own overlays :wilted_flower:

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Use this website for free overlays:

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Ibis paint.

Which pixelLab

Your very welcome did it work by the way?

Can you send me the link

Check out “PixelLab - Text on pictures”

yea i had an overlay but it just didn’t appear on my story for some reason.

Did you put the opacity to 1?

No, how do you do that?