How do you overcome been discouraged as a writer?


Have you ever been discouraged, or lost the motivation to continue writing? If so, how did you overcome being discouraged, and what are some things that you have done to motivate you to keep writing?


You have to remember that you are writing because you enjoy it and others out there will enjoy it too, you cannot let some people who don’t like your ideas stop you from bringing others good stories.


There is no real answer to this that anyone else can give except you. People write because they want to, I’ve seen people add apology notes because they didn’t want to do it anymore, and I can’t hold a grudge against that! If you become demotivated, chances are your stories will become poor, so if you need a break, take it, and maintain your good quality with your current work.


Think of what made you begin writing, try to get that drive back. If you can’t, it’s okay, we have all been there at some point. Don’t torture yourself.

Some tips for getting back into writing are: take a break, let your mind breathe; re-read what you wrote or the plans you had, that may help you feel excited to write again; use a prompt that moves you, that will help you; or begin writing something else entirely, that will help so your head is not so occupied with what you stopped writing.


Personally; I stop writing until I suddenly have an idea (whether it is for a story, a character, a situation, etcetera), usually inspired by something external, and then develop a plot based on it.


Though I too, often times have been discouraged when writing so my question was also, a overall question because I wanted to know how author’s who have became discouraged overcame it. So I was really looking at it from an overall perspective. I feel like there are others who can relate to this, or who have had similar experiences, and that this forum will not only feed hope to me, but to the others who have discouraged while writing as well.


I agree with everything you said. I had someone whose name I will leave unknown who decided to discontinue her story on Episode due to the negative feedback from viewers. Her story was popular, and trending on Episode. It was the sequel to the original story that was written and the first one received over 1 million story reads. When others read the sequel, they complained. This person received over 10 thousand story reads despite the negative feedback. She was in a really bad circumstance but writing was her “antidote” to everything she dealt with on a daily basis. However, it came to the point, that she stopped writing all together. She was one of the best author’s on Episode. I don’t think others understand how hard it is to be a writer or author. It’s not as easy as it looks. I wish the readers understood this when both reading, or viewing out stories. We could be one of the the best selling author’s on episode, but if we are lacking the support from people we except to support us, or constantly receive negative feedback while dealing with our own hardships in life, it can be very discouraging to the point we stop writing all together.


Thank you for these prompts they are very insightful , and helpful to say the least.


I have written many stories. Frankly the first two stories are very bad and hence… I did not get so many reads. But I continued hoping one day I’ll succeed since I’ll improve with time. Also I enjoy writing stories…so I still continue whether I fail as a author. I just keep trying.


That’s all we can do I guess is keep trying cause in order to become become better at what we do, we have to keep trying. Sometimes though it’s easier said then done though. If the person is constantly being put down, or is constantly being discouraged it will be hard for that person to keep trying but I guess the key goal is to not give give up, no matter how easily discouraged we get.


Yes, I have been discouraged, but I overcame it by remembering why I started writing in the first place–to tell MY fictional story, not someone else’s and taking lots of breaks to avoid burning out. Fan mail also helps sometimes.



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