How do you personally plan your story?

I’m not sure how to plan my story so I’m just asking you guys to get some ideas! This thread might be able to help some other people too so leave your ideas if you have any! :grin:

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I just write down the ideas that get into my mind before I forget them.
And after collecting those ideas together I prepare a outline for what is gonna happen and how much should be there in a single episode.
I haven’t published any story so far.
So, I don’t really have a idea about what other things can any one do?.

I get a note book and I start writing ideas for an end of a story or a beginning, then I connect them together then the funnest bit, begin planning the middle part.

I write my planning in google drive, first I start with a general planning and some technical details and later I move to more specific planning of the story and directing and later it’s easier to write in the portal because I already know what to do at any possible point.

Every writers different. But at the start I usually go through a line of steps, that then repeat themself/that I go back to, until I have a finished product.

  1. I get and idea (usually comes to me when doing something vastly different than writing…)

  2. Writing of the synopsis. The beginning to the end in a short summary. What do I want to happen and how do I get there. What twist and turns does the story take.

  3. The character development. Who are my main character/characters as well as the sub characters? How are they all connected? What do I want the readers to know about them and what do I want them to fill in for themselves?

  4. Inspiration and iinformation gathering.
    I read, watch and gather information on the subject I’m writing about, but are careful not to ‘copy’. We take inspiration from things we experience, see and hear - that’'s a fact that can’t be denied. Ecpecially if it’s something we like. It happens subconsiously.

  5. Then last but not least I write Or try to put down all those ideas in my head on paper. Not an easy task and the success rate of it changes from day to day.

  6. Don’t bea fraid to hit a wall. Every writer does.
    When I don’t have the inspiration to write or develop the story I take a break, doing something different. Maybe create a background I know I’ll need. (If the story is for Episode)

Writing to me is a ongoing process and I always end up going back and forth, jumping in and out at different part of the story when writing and add to both the synopsis and the character gallery. Wherever and whenever I have the inspiration. One thing I’ve learned from all my years writing is that I can never force it. The inspiration strikes when it wants to, so I always tend to have a notebook and pen easy at hand.
I scrap about 80% of all ideas I get, but I always save all idead/notes to go back to. Just because they didn’t fit the story I’m currently working on might not mean they wont be perfect for another in the future.

Hope this gave you/someone some ideas on how to move forward and good luck writing.



thank you sm for taking your time to write/ type all this. for me i’m just a beginner although i’m writing a story right now and I feel really confident for this one. For now i kind of briefly talk about each episode so that when i do write the episode i won’t have to take forever to think out a scene

Just start somewhere, you don’t have to have the whole story planned out. I like the quote "The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Just write what comes to your mind at that moment, and then you see what happens.

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That motivates me a lot. Thank you <3

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Animes! And quotes about the genre I want to write!

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Get an answer to your question @DaisyQi? :slight_smile:

I do fictional writing in my spare time anyway so there isn’t a problem for me when it comes to something like this. What I actually used to do was create the characters first then create the story


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Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: