How do you plan out your story?

What’s the first thing you plan out? Idk how to explain it.
Just a in depth explanation on everything that has to do with planning out a story, what do you do?

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I plan my characters with a form, and then I’ll write down important things to the plot. Afterward, I’ll do a beginning, middle, end, type of the thing. And last but not least, before I code a chapter I’ll plan the scenes.

Character planning form (odd name, ik)

Full name:
Where the character lives:
Back story (Illness?):
Favorites, dislikes, traits, hobbies, habits, & ticks:

important plot points ex.
  • MC goes to beach with bff 1 and bff 2 and meets LI
  • flashback to when MC was little and lost a family member (because every MC has to lose a family member :scream:


  • MC hates LI
  • MC gets a bf named brad (bc every ex has to have a loser name, no offense if you like this name)


  • MC and Brad break up (he’s just not the LI)
  • MC and LI get closer
  • MC goes on trip with friends, LI, and LI’s friends


  • LI “cheats” on MC with mean girl
  • LI and MC make up, get married, have 6 kids (:grin: you wasted 60 passes for the same ending as other romance stories)
Chapter 1 plans
  • MC wakes up and goes to beach with her friends
  • MC meets LI (intense staring contest :joy:)
  • MC and friends drool over boys later that night etc. etc.

Oki, nvm my cliche examples of how I plan (not my legit story lol) hoped this helped! :grin: Hope you don’tmind how weird this/I was :joy:

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im chaotic and disorganized lol ill write stuff i think up in my phone notes until i have enough to string together a story and my partner is a writer as well (though not on episode) so we bounce ideas off each other. another option if im stuck is drawing inspiration from plot generators online. also playing with the character maker helps me visualize the characters which helps me plan it out better when i can see who im making a story about. for my first episode story i havent planned until the end i just sort of write it as i go, but for my second one im probably gonna have a better idea of how it ends.


It depends on the genre, really. Here’s something basic stuff.

It it’s a place where our world is modified or it’s a completely different world, I’ll worldbuild first.

Then I start on characters. I try to REALLY get to know them. I start with the basics then go to the details. I found this website to be super useful;

I focus on the plot now! Here’s some questions from

  • What is the event that upsets your protagonist’s world and sets the story in motion?

  • What is the action does your protagonist take as a result of the inciting incident?

  • What is your protagonist’s new purpose? And what might be the consequences of not reaching it?

  • Your protagonist is doing A Lot in the first half of the book, but in general terms describe the collection of actions that your protagonist is taking, now that events have been incited, and calls to action have been answered.

  • As your protagonist dives into the new world of the story, what are they discovering about it and/or themselves? The discovery should complicate their situation.

  • What are some of the initial challenges your protagonist faces?

  • What is your protagonist’s greatest challenge? The problem that seems unsolvable? This should be a plot point introduced mid-way through the book.

  • Give two conflicting outcomes to the challenge. Best result vs. Worst result. The thing they think they want vs. the thing they actually need. This will act as a hook to make your reader want to learn what happens to your protagonist.

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I actually use a Plot Structure. It is a super good one that works really well. I won’t reveal it bc I am posting about it soon!

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I do this too, but I’m super unorganized :joy: So then things get messy and it becomes frustrating :angry:

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:star_struck: You really went in depth, thank you, this helps a lot, I’ve been looking for some good sites for plots and character development, and so far this one is the most in detail.

I just write my idea down and work on that. been an author is about writhing the story you have in your head not plan to write a story you cant see for you.

ofcourse that dosent mean planing is not a good idea. I recomand to never published a story uleash you know where you want it to end. if you dont have an ending you will just write with out a goal. and that is how you get stuck or end on a side track

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I finally got to posting the Story Structure guide, and you can check it out on my profile! (No self promo just letting you know because I had told you before :blush:)

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I just plan my characters, nothing else. I just find planning the story out is just… ya know…unnecessary for me.

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I come up with the basics.
Character names and personalities

I am not sure how others do it but I plan the ending first that way I know what direction to take it throughout.

I write key points to certain things that might happen like if a character dies, a big life event or plot twists.

I write it all down on a notepad on my phone to keep track of.

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I’m a pantser writer

A pantser is someone who, “flies by the seat of their pants,” meaning they don’t plan out anything, or plan very little. Some people, like me, call themselves “plantsers,” which means they’re in a little of both.

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The ending events and the twists

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