How do you plan your 1st Episode story?

Hi everyone! I’m in the process of writing my first story on Episode. I already have the basic idea of what my story is going to be about. The only problem is that I’m unsure of how to format each episode. For example, how many scenes should I include in each episode? Another thing I’m curious about is if you planned everything (dialogue, characters, etc…) before actually starting to coding? Or did you just start coding right away? I’m just curious because it seems like I’m taking an eternity to write mine. But I think it might be because it’s my first story. So please feel free to share how writing your first Episode story went!


I have so many unfinished stories, and what I used to do is code and write the dialogues at the same time, and I think that’s why it took forever. I also never planned out my stories and the plot twists that I wanted to add, so I could never finish them.

This time though, I’m writing out all my dialogues and planning them well, and coding it after I finish writing the dialogues for each chapter. It takes a while to add all the animations, but as I code, I edit my dialogues, add some and remove others based on how I want them to look. I also try not to do a lot at once, like outfits for each event, and background characters. I wait till the end to add them as finishing touches. Hope that helps!


I’m not gonna lie, I get tempted to start coding right away because I love to see my story come to life. However, I can see why that would be time consuming. Thank you so much for your feedback!


Yes, me too! I try to resist the urge until I’m done with all my dialogues. Otherwise, I would’ve waited to code till the very end but I think coding also helps you and guides you to see how your story is going. For example, I’d write dialogues and after I code them, I realize it sounds off or the dialogues are too awkward and need to be changed, but that’s a quick fix because the rest of my chapter is already written but I love watching my chapter after it’s coded


I definitely struggle with writing dialogue. Especially since it’s one of the most important factors of a story. Do you have any finished stories? I’m actually curious to see what you’ve written!

:warning: WARNING: it’s long :hot_face:

What I usually do is create a note/doc where I put all the info about my story (title ideas, characters, plot…). Then, I write down all the events I want to happen in the story (mainly the big ones, though); After that, I try and break down events in a chronological way (like this is the beginning, middle and end of the story).

After that, I start planning episode by episode. I put a rough description of what happens in the episode (e.g.: We find out what happened the night of the crime). I do that for as much episode as possible (I usually get back to doing that for the rest of the episodes while having started writing, so no worries if you don’t have your whole story planned out in one sitting).

When the planning by episode is done, I get back to each episode, then I start planning scene by scene. First, I write all the events that I want to happen in that particular episode (with bullet points, so it’s easier to read). Once I’m done, I start planning scene by scene, more precisely but again, no whole paragraph. It looks something like this:

Ashton is in the car, driving back home, thinking about how awkward it’s going to be meeting with Cheryl and Summer after all this time.

Flashback of the last Time they met (went for ice cream)

Sometimes I put more details, but since it’s my own story when I refer to the last time they met, I know what happened, so I don’t write it down. I also avoid writing dialogues in that section, except if it’s something important I don’t want the character to forget to say, or if it’s an idea for a narration (I usually forget them if I don’t write it down lol, but usually narration ideas are in my notes).

That’s how I do it. Like I said, I usually plan like that as far as I can (before publishing). Every time I feel inspired with a new idea for an episode, I re-open the doc and start planning episode by episode then scene by scene! Also, I try and highlight every background that I will need for every scene (I write it in bold, or in red), so that I upload what I need and focus on writing. I noticed that looking for BGs sometime took me way longer than actually writing and coding the episode, and it usually stopped me in my track which is pretty annoying. That way, writing is easy. I write the script, then direct and everything is already ready to go!

About coding; I used to code as I write, but it just takes so much time so now I write all the dialogues then go back to code the scenes, it works better for me that way.

Hopefully that helps! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO HELP OUT! I’m sure this will help other new authors that are struggling to plan their story. I’ll definitely follow your advice. Once again, thank you!
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You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Lmaooo the fact i used to code and write at the same time and it was the worst thing ever-


Felt that on a spiritual level. I’ve been trying to publish my story for so long but I’ve never really made progress :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m in the process of writing one and I struggle too lol, however, it’s really important that each episode ends in a way that keeps the reader interested. I usually come up all with the plot twists/ways I want each episode to end on, then work on filling that episode with scenes and bits that lead up to that twist. Not perfect by any way, but it makes it easy to sort out the info and scenes!

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It’s good to hear that I’m not alone in this! That’s actually a smart idea to plan each episode. I find myself so fixated in the details that sometimes never end up having an impactful purpose. Thank you!

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Hi! I’m not an expert since I am also writing my first story but, I am writing out each episode on a google doc and I am just like you. I like to code right away but the reason I don’t anymore is that now I can build up plot twists and other scenes. All just because I know what every episode is going to look like. Personally I just write on a google doc and I put down a few ideas on what the episode is going to look like. I don’t usually write the entire script so I can leave the fun to the coding part.


Thank you! It’s so nice to see so many new authors writing their first story. It’s definitely a stressful and exciting journey! :raised_hands:


That’s why we have to have each other’s backs! :sweat_smile:

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Definitely :blush:

What I do is imagine the scene in my head, and their expressions and as I picture the scene in my head like a movie, I write down their dialogues. So I know it flows because I can imagine it happening.

I don’t have any finished ones! I have written a couple and I really like my coding but I never finished them but I hope the one I’m working on rn I can eventually publish


That’s what is so exciting about Episode is that we are essentially the producers, directors, and writers of our own story. Although you may not have published yet, I wish you good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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You’re absolutely right. And it’s so crazy too, we’re all just creating these huge fictional worlds and creating characters with personalities, it’s insane. Writers are truly amazing. I wish you the best of luck as well! If you ever publish it one day, I’d love to read it!

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Thank you! Same goes for you :blush: