How Do You Plan Your Stories?

Hoping that this is the right place to put this (Sorry if it isn’t!) but I was wondering how you guys plan out your stories and get ideas for events and scenes. Loads of places on here are full of people saying that they write down ideas and stuff in notebooks but that isn’t working for me. I don’t know how to do my first episode (like I know what I’ll put at the very end but that’s it) and don’t get me started on everything else. I have some ideas about some scenes and how I’ll finish the story but between the start and end, I have nothing. By the way, if it helps my story is a fantasy/mystery one! Sorry for writing loads also! I asked something similar in an FB group but didn’t get any info that helped me, mostly just info saying to wing it (I tried and hated the script I wrote) and the notebook advice again, so I’m just a little frustrated since I want to start scripting but have nowhere to start… I’ve also googled anything that might get results of something that could help me but I’ve gone through every result and STILL NOTHING!


I wrote in my journal at school because I was so bored and so every time I was done my work or done a test I would take out my journal and write my ideas and my story that I am know working on!!!

I usually get ideas for events and scenes just by being inspired by tv shows, movies, stories, real life events as well. Like once I got an idea for a scene, I would put in my script as soon as I can just in case I might forget it later on. Later I would fix up the directing and dialog for that scene. Sometimes I get my ideas during the process of writing. I don’t fully plan out small events that would lead up to important events. Instead, I plan out the beginning, middle, and end. Just so I would be able to know how to plan out the small events that would connect those three big events. I don’t write my ideas in a journal, nor start on an outline for the story, I just put them in a script ASAP.

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I use a journal to keep track of where I want my story to go, but I usually cook up ideas while I’m laying in bed before going to sleep. I just think to myself okay so I’m at this point in my story now how do I want to get to point B, I generally start with the big steps to get from A to B but sometimes I’ll get a little idea and plan the bigger steps around the little idea. Then I jot all of my ideas down in my journal and come back later and see if I like the ideas or if I need to keep thinking.

me too man like I know what things I want to put in my story but I just don’t know how to organize my thoughts I want to be able to ake this big ass story but then I don’t know how to start it off so if you start to get any ideas or any one else who can help please let me know :joy:

I use a word doc and i dot point each episode and what i want in them
But my inspiration comes from movies and TV shows as well as other stories
If you need help with a story idea message me and maybe we can work on some ideas together

One of my stories came to me from a dream. And the other one from different horror/thriller movies. Movies that mess with your head.

Hmm… Since you know how you want it to end how about you start up from there. How about you ask yourself: What is the major event that led up to the ending? After you have figured that out… What are the major characters that are involved in this ending… etc… we all have different ways of writing (I pre-write on a word doc)

Or the other way around… Start at the beginning and go from there

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