How do you plan your story


Hello I don’t know if this is in the right place but I put here because I would be getting tips.
Anyway, how do you guys plan your story, what do you use?
Any tips or advice or do you just go straight in to a story?


Personally i like to focus on the characters, i figure out their personal relationships and their individual goals before starting on the plot :relaxed:


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It’s a different process for me depending on where I am creatively. If I know the plot or dialogue I want to take place, I get straight to it. Sometimes it helps for me to look @ backgrounds actually and then plot stories around those cause they can inspire a mood / theme / etc.


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You’re welcome <3 happy writing xo


I use to plan my characters.


Think about every character separately , how they react and why the are in story .
After that…I make story in mind and then write it


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Totes man/girl🙃




Totes man🙃


I think it’s better to determine the main conflict of the story at least before you start writing. As for my first story, I started writing it without having an actual idea about the plot, and I realized somewhere around the 10th episode that it still doesn’t have a plot…
Since then I usually do a little planning, but since I hate doing it, I don’t make detailed outlines.
I usually think over the following:
conflict - consequence - consequence - solution;
and create the characters exactly how @roniepisode mentioned.
This way I don’t have to follow a strict structure, but I can make sure my story is going in some direction.


Usually I have a rough outline of what I want to happen in the story - I add additional side plots to help flesh the plot out as well as enable character development.

I may do a spider diagram, might do bullet points and when I sort out a specific episode I write out main pieces of dialog which indicates where things will progress.