How do you play music in your episode menu?


I’ve played some non-Episode-written stories that have music play in their Episode menu (where you get to choose “Start Episode X for 1 pass” and the menu fills the whole screen. How do you do this? Do you just not put ‘music stop’ at the end of your story, and whatever music you had on before starts to play?


? idk what you mean? Like let the reader choose what music they wanna listen to


I think it automatically plays by itself, nothing you can really do about it. It’s automatic.


@brvnda some stories have different music (like, music that can be chosen from the music and sound effects menu) that play in their episode menu, and it’s clear that the author put it in because it matches perfectly with the tone of the story however the last episode ended
what I’m asking is how you would do this.


Oh. Do this:

music music_name


yes, I know what you mean, but they most likely just didn’t turn their music off


but they can’t end a script with music


the menu music is different from the last played music from the story