How do you prefer a story to start?

I’m currently writing my story named ‘Untouchable Black’.

a quick summary of the plot

The MC is cheated on and wants to take revenge on the LI. The MC is a very fierce girl and ends up in a love triangle between her ex and his brother.

future spoiler

it becomes a love square because her childhood best friend also comes back heheheheheh and choices matter. it comes back to a love triangle.

i want to start it with the part the ‘ex’ supposedly cheats to introduce him as her ex. and continue it there. what do u think?

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The way I prefer a story to start is with a major event that showcases the events of the storyline. But personally I don’t think you should have it in the same timeline. What I think would work really well for this plot is you could have the mc walking in on the ex cheating, and then they could have a fight or something.

Then I’d fast forward to a different timeline. I’d recommend maybe a couple of weeks or maybe months after. After this happens, you could either show the mc sitting in bed shovelling ice cream in her mouth, heartbroken. However this is cliche, and seeing as you mentioned she’s got a fierce personality it wouldn’t fit very well.

So instead… You could show how she goes out to clubs each night, get’s with different guys (is a bit of a player.) You definitely don’t have to do this, but it would definitely pull away from the cliche ‘break up’ situation! :slight_smile:

Also this is just a suggestion ahahha, you don’t have to use this <3


Thanks a lot! She could be in the middle of trying to find a new guy after 2-5 nights and eventually bumps into her ex’s brother. What do you think?


I like the sound of your story, please lmk when its published. This type of description sounds interesting and a lot of drama. :ok_hand: I love anything comedy or drama, even if these 2 genres are added or mixed with other genres as well :wink:

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I will! <33. It gets even more dramatic eventually :wink:

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2-5 nights sounds short. When you think about it, in break ups people don’t just move on so abruptly, because it means that they were never truly invested in the relationship to begin with. So I’d recommend weeks after (or months) you show a flashback of her going out with multiple guys but don’t say how long after the break up each event was. I’d recommend showing just mini flashbacks of the past couple of weeks and then you can say something like ‘the last couple of weeks have been spent …’ like that?

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basically, me and my friend are making this story and she said i should start with a visual customization, so i wanted to make the MC be in her gym, practicing boxing and then it introduces her and asks if u want to CC her and after, it gives a flashback to why she started boxing. And then we see where it goes. That’s what she said.

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Oh yeah, that sounds great! Maybe during the flashback that’s when you can show the breakup :slight_smile:

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