How Do You Procrastinate?


So I’m sitting here on the Episode forums when I should be working on my dissertation about nineteenth and twentieth-century Irish literature and how it affected the nationalist movements…

That and I’m watching funny cat compilations. How do you procrastinate?


Sometimes I make a white tea… not because I particularly feel in the mood for white tea, but because it takes the longest to brew. So I can sit there questioning my life choices whilst I wait for my timer to go off


I get a notification for a new recommendation on Netflix.

My mind: ”Oh okay, well I’d better just go check. I’ll read the plot and that’s it! I’ll watch the actual show later!”

10 hours later: “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just watched all 4 seasons of that! Well, too late to finish what I was doing! Better pick it up again tomorrow.”

Next day: Does the exact same thing.


I sometimes get distracted easily.

Literally, I could be doing something important and then I see my cat playing with a toy and I’ll just think “psh I finish this some other time, my test is in 3 days!” and drop whatever I was doing and go play with my cat.

Or when I’m feeling horrible and just don’t have the motivation to do anything I just stay in bed, listen to music or sleep


whoever doesnt i highly beleive you’re lying


I procrastinate by doing hula hooping.

Strange, but therapeutic and fun.


I have way too many distracting tabs open all the time - Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, the Episode forums, fashion sites etc. It’s my own fault that I never get anything done because I think “ah, better go check the updates on tumblr, just takes a second” but before I know it, I’ve spent half an hour on other websites :woman_facepalming:t4::roll_eyes:


On occasion, I’ll procrastinate by making a post asking people how they procrastinate


I trick myself into thinking reading Skulduggery for the fourteenth time will expand my mind and my horizons for when I get down to writing


And surely I’m not the only one who peels off perfectly fine nail polish so I can re-apply it… why am I even at uni?


It’s gotten to the point where I go on Duolingo and revise every language I’m semi-competent in. Who procrastinates by STUDYING?!


Same. Duolingo (learning a new language) actually refreshes my mind. Just do anything except the thing you gotta do…


Duolingo is an awesome way to kill time :wink:
It’s fun to learn a language!
When I procrastinate it’s usually by playing games or going on the net…:sweat_smile::orange_heart:


You are an icon.


Once I procrastinated and I procrastinated by studying something else.

I made a bunch of philosophy posters through pure procrastination once :joy: (paid off though).

When writing episode stories I procrastinate by going on the Forums or going through a deep intricate web of wikipedia articles at times


one time i had to make a poster for a book that i spent most of the night doing and bc i was procrastinating and it didnt even matter bc she didnt even grade the damn poster :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Oof, I am guilty of that - I just tell myself it’s okay :sob::sweat_smile:)




I’m procrastinating right now. I play video games, read stuff, or…nah, that’s it. I play video games a lot. I play a lot of different video games and watch a lot of c-span or documentaries about history and government and politics. XD Youtube is life, too. I always have Youtube playing. Either music or maybe political commentary.

However, I’m in the middle of moving. I cleared out the clothes from my closet except for three fancy dresses, have all my laundry done, packed one box full of books, and I’m on my computer again. BTW, I’ve been working on moving for a tad less than a month. XD