How Do You Procrastinate?


So I’m sitting here on the Episode forums when I should be working on my dissertation about nineteenth and twentieth-century Irish literature and how it affected the nationalist movements…

That and I’m watching funny cat compilations. How do you procrastinate?


Sometimes I make a white tea… not because I particularly feel in the mood for white tea, but because it takes the longest to brew. So I can sit there questioning my life choices whilst I wait for my timer to go off


I get a notification for a new recommendation on Netflix.

My mind: ”Oh okay, well I’d better just go check. I’ll read the plot and that’s it! I’ll watch the actual show later!”

10 hours later: “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just watched all 4 seasons of that! Well, too late to finish what I was doing! Better pick it up again tomorrow.”

Next day: Does the exact same thing.


I sometimes get distracted easily.

Literally, I could be doing something important and then I see my cat playing with a toy and I’ll just think “psh I finish this some other time, my test is in 3 days!” and drop whatever I was doing and go play with my cat.

Or when I’m feeling horrible and just don’t have the motivation to do anything I just stay in bed, listen to music or sleep


whoever doesnt i highly beleive you’re lying


I procrastinate by doing hula hooping.

Strange, but therapeutic and fun.


I have way too many distracting tabs open all the time - Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, the Episode forums, fashion sites etc. It’s my own fault that I never get anything done because I think “ah, better go check the updates on tumblr, just takes a second” but before I know it, I’ve spent half an hour on other websites :woman_facepalming:t4::roll_eyes:


On occasion, I’ll procrastinate by making a post asking people how they procrastinate


I trick myself into thinking reading Skulduggery for the fourteenth time will expand my mind and my horizons for when I get down to writing


And surely I’m not the only one who peels off perfectly fine nail polish so I can re-apply it… why am I even at uni?


It’s gotten to the point where I go on Duolingo and revise every language I’m semi-competent in. Who procrastinates by STUDYING?!


Same. Duolingo (learning a new language) actually refreshes my mind. Just do anything except the thing you gotta do…


Duolingo is an awesome way to kill time :wink:
It’s fun to learn a language!
When I procrastinate it’s usually by playing games or going on the net…:sweat_smile::orange_heart:


You are an icon.


Once I procrastinated and I procrastinated by studying something else.

I made a bunch of philosophy posters through pure procrastination once :joy: (paid off though).

When writing episode stories I procrastinate by going on the Forums or going through a deep intricate web of wikipedia articles at times


one time i had to make a poster for a book that i spent most of the night doing and bc i was procrastinating and it didnt even matter bc she didnt even grade the damn poster :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Oof, I am guilty of that - I just tell myself it’s okay :sob::sweat_smile:)