How do you promote your stories or individual episodes of your stories?

I know that overnight popularity is impossible haha, not that I want to be popular, general reads will suffice… Just wondering how you go about promoting your story/individual eps etc

Thanks in advance x


This is the second step after posting your story and making it available for readers all around the world to read. There are various ways you can promote your story, you can promote them even here. I have come through multiple categories where people ask for new stories, or just do a reading exchange type of thing, you can just type in your story name, link, and what the story is about, another way you can advertise is by making an Instagram page, and posting sneak peeks or AMV’s of your story. Those are definitely interesting to watch, plus one of my stories actually went on the Explore Page once which was really nice! Those are one of the two I usually use, oh and the last method is patience, just go with the flow, get episodes ready and just be patient with it.


Thank you x

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