How do you promote your story? What makes you continue to write on Episodes?


I’ve been trying to promote my story on the forum and on Instagram for quite so time. I have participated in r4r’s and I’ve had my story reviewed. So far the feedback has been great, however, the story is not doing well.
I’ve been very discouraged lately and I want to know if it’s worth writing on Episodes or if I should start sharing my story on another forum. If no one its going to read what I have written via the episode app then why am I bothering to code and write.

So my questions to anyone who wishes to respond is:

1. How do you promote your story?
2. What makes a story get 1000 reads in a few days? Has this happened to you or someone you know?
3. What makes you read a story and why?
4. Why do you write your story on Episodes?

I’m not asking for anyone to read my story, so you won’t find my story link or name on this thread. I only want to know if I’ve been going about promoting my story wrong. Or if the type of story I write is not for this those who read on the Episode App.

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The best is self promotion. Speaking from experience. I kept promoting my story on the forums and instagram and it started getting reads and people started to find my story. I guess it’s all about how your promote your story and where.

This is the million dollar question. Most likely, you have to already have a fan base.

It happened to my friend, but her first story has over 100k reads.

Well first, I’m drawn to the cover and description.
Those have to catch my attention for me to read it.

I write on episode because it was the only way I can get my story out. I always wanted to write and get something that I wrote out in the world and episode gave my that platform.

Now here is some advice: Having a lot of reads is a nice feeling. So, I’m not going to sit here and say “don’t think about the reads, write for yourself.” Yeah, you should write for yourself. You’re not going to get a lot of reads over night. Some do and some don’t. That’s the reality of it. If you keep looking at your read count then you will keep getting discouraged.
Don’t pay attention to that. Keep writing and your story will do good eventually. I’m speaking from experience.


1; Most authors promote their stories on social media (main on is instagram) You can share with friends or try to make your story visble in general

2; Your story might take a long time to get 1,000 reads Iv’e read stories where It’s the best but they only have 70 or 66 reads

3: I don’t like stories with a lot of love intrests I don’t really like fanstasy most of the stories iv’e read are action drama romance stories lol

4; I am currently writing a story i’m just doing it for fun mostly I don’t really mind if no one reads it

Buttttt I am super dum so like you don’t have to consider my opinion :upside_down_face:

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I’m not great when it comes to advice unless I have the experience needed, and I guess you can say in this instance I do. I started working on my story in December, but after months of working hard on it I didn’t feel confident enough to publish it so I ended up changing the entire thing. So, after that, I worked hard to make it better and I finally published it last week. As of right now, I only have 6 reads, which would maybe annoy and put down others, but I’m happy I was confident enough to publish it, and keep going. I’m sure your story is good, if not great. Sometimes others get lucky, and art and talent is not recognized right away. Keep going because you never know what may happen !!

  1. I promote my story just like you, on the forums and on Instagram.
  2. Like I said, it depends if you get lucky and if your story is good. Sometimes that may not be the case, but I’ve never heard of a ‘bad’ story having tons of reads and good reviews.
  3. The first thing I look at is the cover, small and large. I look at the covers as a description of how the story is going to be and what its about. Once I begin reading the story, if I like it, I continue, and if not then I don’t. I don’t have a certain style, or preference when it comes to stories I like.
  4. I write on episode because its what I like to do. It gives me a platform to put out my hard work for everyone to see.

How do you promote your story?
I don’t :sweat_smile: I just can’t, but I have some friends who do it instead of me and I’m really grateful for that. The only thing what I would consider self-promotion is that I’m trying to be active here and participate in these discussions, and since I often check out stories by other forumers, I guess it’s possible that someone also decides to read my stories just because they have seen me around.

What makes a story get 1000 days in a few days?
I think most of the time this happens only with well-known authors. But there are a few exceptions: I’ve seen some contest entries that reached 1K within a short time, so I guess if you enter an intriguing story for a contest, you have a slightly better chance to get recognized. Never happened to me though, but I’ve seen some upcoming authors who managed to take a great start.

What makes you read a story and why?
I like stalking other authors’ profile to check out their recommendation list and sometimes I choose something that grabs my attention here on the forums. And of course what grabs my attention is the description and the cover, but the genre also takes part in this, because I prefer some genres over some others.

Why do you write your story on Episode?
I started writing because it was fun, so it was basically to entertain myself. But then I started getting feedbacks from my readers that they really enjoy my stories and that I make them laugh, and this makes me so happy because it feels like this whole writing thing has a point now.


I don’t like doing this. Self promotion makes me feel so bad inside for some reason, to the point where I feel horrible when I have to post my story. So, I can’t explain why but I feel guilty when I need to promote my story? I don’t understand why I get this feeling and I wish I didn’t :pleading_face: I still do sometimes promote when I have a brave moment, but for the most part, I just can’t do it, I feel really awful. I am thankful to have friends like Annie, Maria, Angel, Nelida and Alexandria who are supportive and their support is the best thing I could ever have ^^ Also, the thing is I wouldn’t say I don’t care about my stories, I do love them, but I’m in no rush for reads. If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. At least I got to enjoy the experience. That’s what matters. You need to always have fun on your writing journey and stay humble.

Not really sure. I guess it depends on the genre, how good it is and how frequently you update. This happened to my friend Alexandria. She had very few reads and then they skyrocketed over 100,000. I’m so freaking proud of my lil sis.

I’ll read a story if the description is catchy, although I don’t judge a book by its cover so I’m opening to reading many stories (just one thing though, I refuse and try not to read stories that revolve heavily around getting pregnant or mafia ones where the girl ends up with the leader and their relationship is toxic, really anything that is super disturbing is something I just won’t read). I’ll also read if they want me to review their story. Here’s another thing I do. When I see another member being very kind or helpful and they have a story, I check it out. Yep, I love checking out the stories of people who show kindness and aren’t selfish and they help others. Trust me, being generous doesn’t go unnoticed.

In the beginning I wasn’t even planning on staying, it was Alexandria’s fanmail that froze me in my tracks and then I’m like “wow, I need to make an Instagram and follow this cool bean A.S.A.P” Instagram was kinda hard, in the beginning, for me to navigate lol. Anyways, I write because it’s cool to play my own stories and see them visually. I also write because I know my friends are every step of the way with me, they’re so encouraging, plus it’s fun to let your imagination run wild, and giving up is never an option.


1. How do you promote your story?
I don’t. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I feel like my story isn’t that good enough for me to be promoting it everywhere. I recommend my story once somewhere in the forums and I felt so bad afterwards. But other people in the community seem to really enjoy my stories so I guess they promote to their followers and friends.
2. What makes a story get 1000 reads in a few days?
Probably great promotion and having many other authors and readers help promote your story. But to get 1000 reads in just a few days is very difficult unless you already have a large fanbase.
Has this happened to you or someone you know?
3. What makes you read a story and why?
Mainly the stories description is what gets me to read a story. If that doesn’t completely convince me, I’ll check out the authors fanmail to see what others have said about the story.
4. Why do you write your story on Episodes
Because of the interactive and visual parts. It’s nice to write a story but I think it’s so cool that the story can be brought to life and people can see what you’ve imagined.


Don’t feel discouraged if your story isn’t getting as many reads as you’d like it to! Most stories on the app with millions upon millions of reads are cliche and overrated. Write because you love it, because it’s a creative outlet for you - then the reads will be a bonus! :blush:


Thank you for your reply and especially for your advice. :slight_smile: I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions and read my crazy rant.

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Thank you for your encouraging words, I really appreciate your response and kindness! :slight_smile:

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