How do you publish stories on an iPhone?

If anyone knows can they plz chat!! :heart:


You’d have to search up Episode on safari then go to the portal. From there, ( if your story meets all the requirements) you can publish it

Thanks so much what do you press??

There should be a publish button next to the “ Continue Episode __ “ button

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Where is the continue episode button?:tada:


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Mine looks different?

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You are on forums, did you write it on the app or on the portal

This is rlly confusing so: i’m on the Safari app of Episode and I also have the App episode I have my own account on the app and I just created an account on here, for some reason its not letting me login from my account on here to my app

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Where did you write the story? @Mixermixer99

On the app, I think I have figured it out, so I am also logged to the one that livvy613 send me a pic of.

This one?

Yes @Mixermixer99 in the top left corner it will say ‘Back To Blind’ and then will say Publish, but it must meet the guidelines

It says I have to do 3 episodes, do u have to do it on the safari or the app??

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@Mixermixer99 if you started on the app you might want to carry on on the app, but if you understand the code I would recommend doing it on the website

K so I don’t understand the safari but I don’t know what you press to make another episode rather than a completely different story

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@Mixermixer99 if you press back to blind it will come up with options like outfit character and create new episode

@Mixermixer99 also make sure you have at least 400 lines per episode.