How do you put two animations in one speech?

I’m trying to make the character talking, use two animations whilst speaking. I don’t know how to explain it but when reading other some stories, I see the person speaking use two animations in one sentence. If you understand where I’m coming from then please help! :sob::sob:

&CHARACTER is animation THEN CHARACTER is animation.

I mean as in.
Speech here. Speech here.

But I want to use 2 animations in one sentence.

&CHARACTER is animation THEN CHARACTER is animation
Your text here.:roll_eyes:

There’s no need to be rude. Some people need explanations to things because sometimes a simple code doesn’t make sense to them.


So you aren’t able to add 2 animations at one time using CHAR (animation) for dialogue. A character can only do one animation, then do another animation right after in which case you would use the code that @phoenix.brunet posted above.

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I’m not being rude and I got the emoji wrong but I’m sorry if I made it sound like that!:smile_cat:


oh okay, thank you dara! :heart_hands:

alright thank you for your help! ill definitely be using that then! :heart:

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