How do you QUICKLY transition through backgrounds/zones?

Someone help! I’m trying to change/transition into a new background quickly. Everytime I try the background/zone takes forever to move onto the next background/zone!!

@transition fade in/out in T (time - seconds)
i hope this is what you mean
@pan to zone # in T

So I did that and it sorta worked, what’s happening is:
@RUBE stands back left in zone 2
@RUBE is sing_pop_loop
@RODKNEEEE stands screen right in zone 2
@RODKNEEEE faces left
@RODKNEEEE is dance_club_loop
@JANE stands back far right in zone 2
@JANE faces left
@JANE is dance_whip_loop
@DAVE stands screen left in zone 2
@DAVE faces right
@DAVE is sing_pop_loop

@pan to zone 2 in 1

But the thing is that it takes along time it to @pan to zone 2 in 1

ahhaha ignore the weird names :wink:

try adding “starts” instead of “is” in your actions, OR you can do & instead of @ for the spot directing and actions. The reason it’s taking so long to pan is because the characters are playing out their actions BEFORE it pans. when you add “starts” they’ll start the action but the rest of the script will continue without waiting for them to finish. Same with &. Hope that helps!

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You could write ‘@pan to zone 2 in 0.5’ instead of ‘in 1’ to make it quicker. You could even write ‘in 0.1’ if you want it to be really fast, or you could use ‘@cut to zone 2’ to make it so that it doesn’t even move the next next zone, it just cuts to it quickly. Hope this helps you with your story :slight_smile:

u dont have to use 1

Thanks this really helped!!!

Thank-you so much!!

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glad i could help :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile:

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