How do you refer to the cc later in the script

I did the CC as the first thing. And then I did the flashback where I changed some of her looks but now I’m going back to present time later in the script so how do I change the character back to the reader’s CC.


Either you could have made another character, named her like for example char1 and Then change it to char in the script name thingy (I forgot What it was called) or put a gain on the cc’s options that you changed in the Flashbackand Then use the if command to change them back because I’m guessing that’s What you Wanna do (sorry I’m really bad At explaining)

How do you put a gain on the CC? Can you explain more please?:sweat:

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In the CC you have a lot of choices so beneath ever choice Where you change a detail for example the eye shape etc put a gain (and name the flag something for example Blue eye)
And Then When you want them to change back to the cc look you use the if command
If (Blue eye){
@CHAR changes into (Whatever the it is called)
And you do that with ever feauture, I’m not sure if there is a easier way tho except if you had made a extra character and name them for example CHAR2 as I Said before, ta can still do that But it you’ll have to change the name in every command, it might be easier and faster tho

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You can check out the guides for further explanation on the gain thingy

Or maybe put the gain at the end after the reader is done and selects “it’s perfect” or something, so you gain the entire customization instead of putting flags under every single option.
I’m not sure, I’m just hypothesizing b/c I never have done a flashback

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I just want it for her hair causes her flashback hair is different from the CC hair

you can also just create a random char the past doesn’t really matter or you can ask the readers what their hair color was an change it like that

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I’d recommend making a duplicate character and just changing their hair color, then using the real MC for when you go back to present.

Have your reader recustomize before the flashback chapter and make sure you put @CHARACTER2 (whatever the duplicate name is) becomes CHARACTER (the main character)

Then just change the hair color before you start the flashback scene.


I just asked the readers again.
Thanks for all your help!

An easy way to do this would be

@CHAR previews feature Style
@CHAR unpreviews feature Style

for example,
@AURE previews hair Messy Pixie
@pause for a beat
@AURE unpreviews hair Messy Pixie
Then Aure’s hair would change back to her regular hairstyle (in this case, the hair the reader chose.)
Hope this helped!


OMG!!! Thank you thank you

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