How do you remember clothing choices?

I am starting my second episode and I am wondering how you remember the reader’s clothing choices?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I should remember it on its own. :blush:

That’s what I thought, but I thought it would be better to check aha :blush:

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it remembers in the scene she choses her option if you make a new scene you need to put first: @CHARACTER changes into (the oufit name you made)

It carries over on its own.

Check out guides by @Dara.Amarie if you need to change her back into it / do flashback scenes, etc.

Using gains

What outfit would you like to wear?
“Outfit1” {
@CHAR changes into Outfit1
gain Outfit1
“Outfit2” {
@CHAR changes into Outfit2
gain Outfit2

if (Outfit1){
@CHAR changes into Outfit1
} else {
@CHAR changes into Outfit2

Try not to use gains to remember clothing choices, because it will be hard to ungain something once they’ve gained it.

The choice name method is best.

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