How do you remember past WRITTEN in choices?

Hello! How do you remember WRITTEN in choices?

Basically I have a choice in my third episode that allows the reader to choose to go on a date or not. If the reader chooses to go on a date, I have a written in choice asking what their favorite food is.

So now, I am coming up to a part where my character wants to eat something. I want to write a section that basically states

if the reader did this choice, say this. If the reader didn’t do this choice, ask what they would like to eat.

Does this make sense? Is this even doable?

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Go to @Dara.Amarie

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Thank you…I understand how to write the type-in choices…but I don’t know how to remember past written in choices. But I’ll look at this thread because my answer might be in it! Thank you!!

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Oh, you mean remembering flags/gains/etc. Misunderstood! Here you go.

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I’m not an expert on typed in choices but I’m pretty sure there’s a word that can refer to the typed in choice in the script. Eg. when choosing your name you can refer to [NAME] in the script and then the word is replaced with what the reader typed in.

For this scene you could create two labels, one for if you went on the date and one if you didn’t go on the date (and to do this you have to use gains for both the original date scene and the original do not go on a date scene). I’ll do a quick example since I’m bad at explaining with words :sweat_smile::

“Go on a date” {
gain date
#date scene goes here
} “Stay home” {
gain no_date
#Stay home scene goes here

And then later for the dinner scene where she is supposed to get what the reader wrote in the typed in choice:

if (date) {
I’ll just order a [FOOD] I think. SIDE NOTE: [FOOD] is the typed in choice
else {
#Here the character will instead choose what to eat

I hope this makes sense, in case you don’t understand my messy post then feel free to ask. Good luck with your story, hope you’ll figure this scene out! :revolving_hearts:

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@kw.episode @PerplexedJam @puma

Thank you all for your help! I will try all the suggestions!


Deleted my post because you made me realise that the poster meant a typed in choice :joy: I should have read more carefully!

Your solution seems to be the right one :ok_hand:t2:


@PerplexedJam yes @puma suggestion sounds like it will work! I’m trying it now!


I actually haven’t tried it since I’m not that familiar with typed in choices, but thinking logically this is just the way i naturally would do it. Hope it works though, but just for you guys information do not take my words for granted :sweat_smile:


Yay, good luck. Hope you get the “technique”, otherwise just ask me and I will try to help you :grin:

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I just saved it and am about to try it on my phone now. I’ll let you know!

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cough anyways, SO GLAD it worked out for you! If you publish your story please let me know, would love to read it! :blush:

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@puma Well it worked on my phone, so hopefully it works for real readers!

But I would LOVE if you read it! The first three chapters are published. I’m just waiting for my overlays in chapter 4 to be accepted, and once they are 4 and 5 will be released. Currently working on 6 (this is what I needed help with today).

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Cool! I’ll check it out right now then. Good luck eight the rest of your story and have a nice weekend! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! Please let me know your thoughts! And have a great weekend to!

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