How do you rename or delete characters on mobile creation?

There are lots of default characters that I don’t want to use and mobile creation allows a total of 20 characters. Is there any way to delete some characters or rename them?

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To delete characters you click on them. Click the pencil and click the rubbish bin.

You can’t rename them i dont think.

But that only deletes them from the background. I want to permanently delete the characters.

I dont think you can sorry. You can always change their appearance into a different character but if you need one with a different name then you have to make a new one…

Well, actually u can delete them from the site where u log into your account by clicking “create a story “ and then you choose your story and click on character and choose one then delete.

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I didn’t know you could access mobile stories from desktop. Thats helpful :thinking:

Yes, that’s how I published my story and set cover on it.

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Thanks @Ann1131 that was really helpful :heart:

You are welcome :black_heart:

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