How do you Rotate /Flip Overlays?


This is the overlay I want to use but how do I rotate/flip it so the hand can face upwards?




How would I add 2 overlays at the same time?


“INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY with OVERLAY”, should work :slightly_smiling_face:


If you look through that guide, it shows you how to add multiple overlays.


Yes, just read through it so I would have to add in “and” in each line right like @overlay OVERLAYNAME create AND @overlay OVERLAY create
Second line: &overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ——— in 3 AND @overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ——- in 3
And so on as many overlays as I have? (Example if I have 5 overlays I would have to redo it 5 times?)


Yea but you only need one @ per line. But the easiest way would be to add them next to the background name.


You can…