How do you scroll an overlay up or down?


I was wondering how people in stories make the reader scroll up or down the overlay. I have a LONG text message that I want the reader to scroll up and down. So my questions are…

Does the overlay have to be a long strip?
Can you possibly teach me or lead me to a thread that helps with this?
Is it challenging?
After the reader scrolls up or down, how do they move on into the next scene?

Just use the text format

To my knowledge, it’s not possible for the reader to scroll up and down by dragging their finger on the screen.
What you could do, is upload a very tall overlay of all of your texts and shift it so it looks like it’s scrolling (you could do it slow enough so people have enough time to read it.)

Or, you could have a choice pop up on the screen every 20 seconds so the reader could choose if they’re done reading the current segment yet, or if they are still reading.

You could also use set format phone text, but you wouldn’t be able to upload your own overlays of texts and they would look a certain way. But the reader would be able to scroll with their finger!

hope this helps lol


you can have the reader pan through the scene by tapping and dragging. but it’s a lot of work and a lot of advanced directing. i can direct you to the thread but it’s kinda hard. especially w what you’re trying to do. but it can be done, so good luck! :star_struck:

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Tysm! I was taking this into consideration anyway. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing out on another overlay feature that I probably didn’t know about. Thank u again.

Tysm for this thread and for you being hopeful. Hopefully I am able to achieve it sigh. Thank you!

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Hi all! Moved this thread to the Directing Help & Tips sub forum as you are asking for Directing Hep & Tips and not a feature request. For more info on where to correctly create threads please check out our forum tutorial. Thanks and happy this was answered :slight_smile:

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