How do you search for specific community created stories?

Disclaimer: I know I sound like a total noob right now!!! But, I’ve have been on Episode about 2-3 years ago, before all the new changes took place, and I apparently either lost my memory or my entire brain.

I can’t remember how to find the search bar for Episode right now (to find stories)!! I don’t even know if it exists, now. A couple years ago, I remember that you would tap the menu, and a search bar would appear, where you could search for specific community stories. But now, I can’t remember where to find the search bar.

Are search bars not available anymore, and you can only access specific stories using links provided by the author?? Or is there some secret magic / wizardry that you use to find the search bar???

It’s in the top right corner for me

Really? Does it say “search” or something, or is there a physical search bar?

It’s a little pic of a magnifying glass

There’s no magnifying glass on the menu for me?

Mine looks like this

If it’s not there, there could be a glitch on your phone?

Did you just re-download the app?
They’ve made some changes I believe where you can’t read any user stories (or search for them) until you’ve read a certain amount of featured stories.

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I’ve read most of the available featured stories now, and I can read community made stories (for example, those that are currently on trending)?

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I think they’ve made a change that when you first download the app you’ve got to read so many featured/episode originals/trending before you’re allowed access to the commmunity stories. I guess keep reading the featured ones and soon they’ll let you into the rest of the app?

OMG I’m so stupid!! I’ve never noticed the search bar until now :joy:. Thanks for the help!!!

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