How do you share the story with partner

Hello my sister and I would like to co-writer with eachother, how do we let eachother edit it and work on it?

Login, in the same account?

@Fazeclan_Lover okay, will we be able to work on the episode at the same time then? This is her sister by the way, :joy:.

Yes :upside_down_face: i think lol

Okay thank you, you were much help!:smile:

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It is work like that?

Thank you so much! :grin:

It is not working, it will not allow me to sign out of my account.

What do u mean in the app or website?

I can sign out on the website, but then when I click on sign in it automatically signs my back in on my account. It does not give me an option to decide who I want to sign in as. (on the website)

Oh try loging out in google

Okay, I will let you know how that works .


It worked! Thank you so much for you awesome help! I will make sure to remember you for future questions! :joy:

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