How do you show whole room?

How do you do the zoom across whole room?

You pan to the last zone

@pan to zone #

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So if you put @pan to zone 3 it start to zone 1 then stop at zone 3?

Oh okay, thanks!


You don’t need to write all 3 commands like that. If it’s 3 zones and you want to pan to zone 3, simply just put @pan to zone 3

And yes @Jo.Author, all backgrounds start in zone 1 so the pan will begin with zone 1 and go all the way to zone 3

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Oh okay, I did @pan to zone 3 then @cut to zone 2 as my character is in zone 2

So if its a dramatic or serious scene I could use that?

Oh okay, thanks a lot!

You can also set the time for your pan

@pan to zone # in S

S - seconds

@pan to zone 3 in 4.0
(camera will move to zone 3 in 4 seconds)


Oh okay, that’s cool. Thank you!