How do you start a story (calling fellow authors)

Hi! I’m fairly new to the community. I wanted to ask my dear authors if they can give me tips on starting a story. Do you write a draft on Word/Google Docs? Do you do chapter summaries? Do you plan your plot twists or let the story inspire itself? Do you plan your scenes / roughly sketch them out? Do you search for art resources (overlays, backgrounds, props) before coming up with a scene? Where do you get your inspiration for writing scenes?
I would really appreciate it if I can get a reply. :relaxed:

By the way, my Episode Instagram is @aliciahattori if anyone is interested in making a new friend!


Hello! I honestly think my way of writing a story is weird AF. I do an art piece of a character from my story and let the story just plan out in my head. Then I write it on either Word or Wattpad. Then I write it on episode :slight_smile: I’d be happy to help you with your story if you want, I’d also love to become friends if you want :relaxed:

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That’s cool! Thank you for replying!
Yes! Let’s be friends! Do you have any stories? I’d love to check them out!

I’m still writing my first story, I dont wanna rush anything and no prob! Also my insta is @epii.cys

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Ok! Will follow you in a bit.
Coding is so hard lol… I know the basics but it can get tiring. I sat on my computer for three hours once for like one scene… it wasn’t even that good too :sleepy: Also, what’s the name of your story?

I can help you with coding if you want :laughing: I’ve had some practice and my story uses some advanced coding. It’s called ‘Nerds of Kingwell’

Sounds great! What is it about? And thanks for offering to help btw.

no prob, anytime :relaxed:


Welcome to Kingwell, a town with a university that was built on a meteor landing site. Follow a group of nerds as they, together, unravel the supernatural truth behind the town.

It’s still a working progress :joy:

Sounds interesting! Hey can I ask you a question? It’s Episode related don’t worry! :sweat_smile:


What do you think of cliche stories on Episode? Like pregnant, mafia, bad boy, playboy billionaire ones?

well, I think they’re great with good directing and good grammar. Maybe even better to put in some twist twists to make it less cliche and more different if thats what you’re looking for

Yeah deep down I’m a sucker for them and to be honest I want to create one but still include some diversity and plot twists to make it better.

im a sucker for them too tbh xD

wait let me add you on IG… my user is @aliciahattori


This may sound odd, but making all the characters in the story in the sims really helps with picturing them in my mind. I normally decide a beginning (not necessarily the very beginning, just what sets the story into motion) and an ending. Or multiple endings; this is episode, after all. When writing multiple endings, because I have a lot of MCs and a lot of point systems, I tend to write 3 general endings, and then tons of slight differentiations between them. It’ll take a while to code, but so do a lot of things.

After you’ve got a beginning and an end, decide how you want them to get there, the meaty part of the story. And then add on specific points you want in the story, and how they get between specific points.

Honestly, I love planning, which is a little weird. But pantsing is an option too. I wouldn’t recommend it, but you can just write whatever you feel like writing in the moment. Watch some planning/pantsing tips on youtube-- they really helped me.

A basic planning structure for plot before character stories

What starts the story? What is the event that sets it into motion?

What is the ending? Sad, happy, bittersweet? How many different ending are you going to have?

How do they get there? Don’t worry if this part is fairly general.

What specific plot points do you want?

How do the characters get between those plot points? More detail.

What kind of characters fit the roles you’ve planned? Please think about their personality; it’s really important.


I like your strategy :joy:

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When I come up with a story I usually think about it for some days and get a fairly good idea of how it will start. This idea can change with time but it’s more or less the same. I start to write the story and get stuck in the middle or the end! :grin:

Sometimes I write notes in a word document but never a full out draft. The draft is written in the portal so that I also can “draft” the directing. I kind of do chapter summaries but not for the whole story. Though that might be a good idea to do. I don’t “plan” the plot twist but if I come up with one I write it down to not forget it. The same thing is applied to the scenes, when I know how I would like a scene to play out I write it down, so I get a TODO list of some sort, and I only sketch them out for fun. I usually search for resources after I’ve come up with a scene but before I write the directing. It happens that I get inspiration and find something I want to use for another scene when I’m searching for resources. I dont actively look for inspiration (unless I need some). But I passively get inspired by reading other episode stories or just from books, movies, life, anything really. :relaxed:

What I find helpful is that for every scene write a comment, a name for the scene, and set curly braces around the whole scene so that I easily can close and open scenes in the portal. It helps when the code is longer! :star2:

#name of scene
some code


Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate this! :relaxed::relaxed:

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