How do YOU start a story?

I’m having a hard time on how I should start the story and I asked people in real life and on here and most of them said a flashback. But I don’t really how far back I want to go.
Some other people said just a quick rerun of who the main character was.
Wich also didn’t help that because cause I feel like that would make it seem shoved on with the start I currently had.

The question is to anyone who wants to answer: How do YOU start a story?

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I feel like it depends on the story, I’m always changing my start for each story. Whatever feels natural enough to introduce everyone important in your story.

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well this is what I have

NOTE: This story is about the best man and the best bride maid falling in love

Myra Peters: coding developer at Pomegranate
Marshall Comer: Doctor
Lauren Thomas: Crime analyst at Pomegranate
Nathan Burgess: Construction worker
Emily Parker: Marine biologist
Zeke Cunningham: Soldier/Works At E-mart
Karizma Williams: Nail tec.

Title: The best man
Author: Logan
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lauren is your best friend she has got you through the hardest of times, but how much are you willing to take for her? When everyone is trying to match you up with the best man!l

Story: Myra Peters, roommate and best friend to Lauren Thomas. They met in college freshman year and have been friends ever since now at 25 they both have the same job and the same group of friends and every weekend they go to their favorite bar “The mixing house”
But when Lauran comes home late with a new ring on her finger and is moving out everything goes wrong!

this is a video about what NOT to do.

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So based off your summary, I think the best place to start would be some comedy or character driven past-scenes. Maybe doing a quick scene of Myra and Lauren meeting in college in some funny way- maybe to avoid an awkward conversation one of them asks the other to pretend to be friends, or they rear end each other, or one of them is a campus parking enforcer and the other gets a ticket, or one of them always gets the same bagel from a campus food store and the other works there. Something light that, then a narration saying “five years later” and showing them in their apartment together- continue story :slight_smile:

But your first few scenes should Myra (the main character I think?) as a character. I noticed you said a lot about what people’s jobs were, but what is Myra like? Is she quiet, sarcastic, scattered, enthusiastic, jaded? Who is she and how does she act? Why does Lauren like her?


I’d say Myra is mostly based off Myra from 2 and a half men Herbs sister.
Cause she’s very blunt and I like that about her
But I also want her to be like me (ODD)
I’m a lot like the girl Emma from can you keep a secret
Just really weird but charming in a way

Lauren is also very weird and gets off-topic a lot

I was thinking about having more than one romance option

Things I usually start with:

  • A really big decision in the future of the story
  • The past
  • Something about the character that is unexplainable at the moment
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I like the the idea of showing a short extract of what happens to the character in the future. Maybe something dramatic, that makes the reader want to know what happened. Then taking the reader back to the past to lead him to this future event. I’ve read a couple of stories that started like this and I did this in my story as well :laughing:.
It’s only a suggestion tho :smile:

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