How do you start chapter 1?


I’m writing my story and it’s going well but I haven’t published it because I don’t know what to do for the beginning of chapter 1. Like the opening scene of the story.
My story is about a girl who meets a guy and he turns out to a vampire.
Hoping you can help me out thanks, any ideas would be great!


Hmmm well are your characters customisable or not?


If not then you could start with an authors intro however some people dislike those at the start and prefer them at the end. Or you could start with a flashback / fast forward


It depends… I personally like to enter a character’s life directly, with almost no introduction, so that you discover the most important stuff in the first episode, then in the following episodes you can develop everthing. Hope that helps!


Thank you so much that has helped!


Thank you this has really helped


It’s all good!!


I agree with Chloe, I dont like too much narration at the beggining and long introduction. Readers can find out about characters through their actions :blush:
Good luck with writing :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the tips.