How do you start stories?

Okay, stories have different ways on how they start. And because of that it got me thinking, how do you usually start your stories? Do you start it right away? Put a message? I would really like to know since I have no idea what to put in the start of my story.

  • I immediately start the story with no message or anything in the beginning.
  • I put a short author’s note in the beginning.
  • I put an intro in the beginning.
  • I warn the readers about language or mature themes and others.
  • I start it with the MC in the future talking about past events.
  • I put customization and name-picking.
  • I put a random scene in the start which is related to the story.
  • What I usually do isn’t listed here.

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If you pick “What I usually do isn’t listed here”, I would appreciate it if you would tell me what it is!

What I usually do isn’t listed -

I picked this because I have several stories all starting in a variety of ways. I don’t have a go-to for this :sweat_smile: But I never start with an author’s note, and never start with name and CC with no context either.

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Well, I have no idea how to start my story. I’m not sure if I should just start the story immediately or add some narrator text in the beginning telling about the story or not.

Sometimes it’s the intro

But my most intensive story has game menus before and after

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