How do you stay inspired?

Hey all, lately I have been dealing with really weird thoughts and emotions. of course :sunglasses:
I’ve been getting lots of ideas that I love for a story, I start planning that story, get the characters ready but then… I get a new idea and I abandon that other story to do this one then I get another idea and another and so on, I just can’t be inspired to stick to one story without getting a new idea before I hate the other idea. I’m just so frustrated!


That happens to me a lot as well. Like after I create the characters I lose inspiration for the story and start a new one. Maybe you could try selecting your best idea, then visualise it on the app with lots of reads. That might motivate you to code and publish it. Hope this helps :grin:

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I relate to this so much :innocent:

But currently I’ve managed to focus on at least 2 stories right now cause I couldn’t decided which one :joy:

What I do if I get an idea for a scene or a whole new plot idea is just write it down on a google docs and come back to it later. You can try using those ideas and incorporating them into the one story you’ve chose to focus on later on (of course if it works out). Or you can even just save them for next time when you start you’re next story!

But yea it is pretty hard to focus on one story when your mind has so many ideas rushing at once. All I can advise you is too really push through and be patient because honestly writing the beginning of the story is the hardest part, since you want it to be perfect. :sob:


I definitely agree :sweat_smile: thank you x


no problem :heart:


Wait… that’s what I do as well! I have like 5 stories all on google docs :sweat_smile:


Ahaha, if you went into my episode account there are just 4 random stories I’ve stopped working on


I made the same story 10 times over and over for some reason. And now I’m not even doing it anymore.


same ! :joy: I’ve actually been trying to publish since last year in december but I could never actually finish one :skull:

But now I have one story that I’m really close to publishing :sob:


I don’t know what to do anymore. Like, I have millions of ideas floating around my head. I might actually start and ideas thread. I have plenty of 'em :joy:


I am always writing new stories.

I have 2 series going on, plus a manuscript story and a stand alone story.

To keep me inspired throughout them all, I just write a chapter and take a break, move to the next story and before you know it I’m back to the first story.

I’m currently (all together) writing over 6 different stories plus helping new authors.

I watch a lot of tv and listen to a lot of radio, I pick out something interesting that I have heard and write it down because somewhere along the way, I could use it in one of my many stories.

Always have a notebook or my phone by my side if I get any ideas. Tell as many people as I can, my family, my best friend.

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Wow! That’s a lot of stories. Do you ever get frustrated?

same. its kinda hard to stay with one story. that is why it is a good idea to write down a rough version of the story so that you have a line to go after.

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Lol what??

None of them are published yet, although, the manuscript one does have a deadline because it’s been shown to a professional every week.

I am getting help to write my first novel by a famous author who wants to see my work every week.

My deadline is Wednesday, so I’m trying to write my manuscript at the moment.

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Wow really? Pretty lucky I see :’)


I’m really nervous though, I’m only on the first chapter.

I’m trying to publish it on episode as well but it’s difficult because the manuscript is different from how it would look on the app and I’m not that great on the app

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I’ll read it when it comes out.

Yeah, I get you.

Thank you so much

I hope to publish it on Amazon books in 2021 and episode at the end of the year.

On episode I will be releasing it in 3 chapters, I don’t know how Amazon Books works, I’m still learning

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